Mikankisu Fruit Omakase™ - Premium Hamper

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Mikankisu is one simple concept - the best seasonal luxury Japanese fruit selected for you, and presented in a beautiful gift box. Behind this simple idea, it's an arduous journey to source the absolute best Japanese fruit - the freshest, ripest, best-looking and most delicious from Japan's top growers. 

The Japanese concept of "Shun (旬)" is no stranger to sushi lovers. At good sushiya, chefs gradually change their menus from month to month, serving what they believe to be the finest. Mikankisu is simply a fine sushiya for fruit. You leave it to us to select what we believe to be the best fruit today.

All fruit we selected will be beautifully presented in a custom made wood box. If it's a gift for someone, we'll engrave the box with recipient's name free of charge.

The Mikankisu Fruit Omakase™ - Premium Hamper including : 
- Filled with 7-8 styles of the seasonal imported fruits 
- Customised name engraving on the exterior of the wooden box
- Special greeting card 
- comes with the light strings 
- Come with a bag for carrying 

Wooden Gift Box reference size: 35cm X 26cm X 24cm
*Box size is only for reference, the actual size may be different by the size of the fruit shipped

* If you would like to engrave recipient name on the box, please remark in order notes when checkout the order.
* If you would like to include a card, please write your message  in order notes when checkout the order (limited to 25 words), and how you want your name to appear.

Mikankisu 是一個簡單的概念 —— 為您挑選時令最好的奢華日本水果,並裝在精美的禮盒中。在這個簡單的概念背後是從日本頂級種植者採購最好的日本水果 —— 最新鮮、最成熟、最好看和最美味的艱苦旅程。

日本的“旬”概念對於壽司愛好者來說並不陌生。在好的壽司屋,廚師們每個月都會改變他們的菜單,提供他們認為最好的食物。 Mikankisu 就是水果版的壽司屋。讓我們為你選擇我們認為是當符合季節的水果。

Mikankisu 打選擇的所有水果精美地裝在定制的木盒中。如果送給某人的禮物,Mikankisu 將免費在盒子上刻上收件人的姓名。

Mikankisu Fruit Omakase™ - 特選果籃包括:
- 裝滿 7-8款 當季進口水果
- 木盒外部刻有定制的名字
- 特別賀卡
- 附帶燈串
- 附上一個手提袋

木製禮盒參考尺寸:35cm X 26cm X 24cm

* 如果您想在盒子上刻上姓名,請在結賬時在訂單備註中備註。
* 如果您想附上一張卡片,請在結帳時在訂單備註中寫下您的信息(限 25 個字),以及您希望您的姓名出現的方式。

**Images are for reference only, fruits vary according to seasons**

**Authorised retailer of Mikankisu.