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JPGoodFood is one simple concept - the best seasonal luxury Japanese food/fruits selected for you, We are an online retailer, selling Japanese food ranged from pre-packed food to fresh seafood and vegetables! Our product list consists of everything imported from Japan which keep them fresh, tasty, and most of all healthy.
when you want a Homemakase or a high quality meal at home, You leave it to us to select what we believe to be the best today for you !

All items  imported from legal channels and we  obtained restricted food sales licenses from the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. 

日本好食材是一個簡單的概念 - 為你挑選最好的時令奢侈日本食品/水果。我們是一間專營日本進口的新鮮海鮮、預 先包裝食品及水果的網上零售商。我們的貨品從日本直接貨品進口以保証它們新鮮、美味,最重要的就是健康。
當您想在家中享用 Homemakase 或高品質的一餐時,您可以選擇我們為你今天挑選最適合您的食物!


Endorsement of

1) Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Shell Fish, Licence/Permit Number: 0363804079

2) Prepackaged Oysters to be Eaten in Raw State Licence/Permit Number: 0363804060


3) Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Meat (Chilled: Beef, Pork, Mutton Frozen: Beef, Pork, Mutton Licence/Permit Number: 0363804042)


註冊地址: 九龍長沙灣長沙灣道650號中國船舶大廈808室