Marumo Takagi Cold-sensing Cherry Blossom Shirahira Cup Set

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[Pre-order] The talk of the town in Japan. Maruno Takagi cold-sensing cherry blossom shirahira cup set (a pair) is made in Tajimi City of Gifu Prefecture Japan. 

The cherry blossom season is here. While we are stuck home this season, we could still appreciate the beauty of cherry blossom by watching the blossom on these amazing cups. Pour a cold drink (under 17 ° C) into this mysterious shirahira cup and watch cherry blossom become full bloom. 

  • Comes in gift box
  • A set of 2
  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: φ90mm × H34mm
  • Capacity: 70cc

* Pre-orer, 1-2months arrives in Hong Kong upon the order placed 

    Made in Japan by 丸モ高木陶器(Est. 1887 / 創建於1887年)

    This item is so popular in Japan that the waiting list is long. But We have it instock! 

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    温度で変化する酒器 『冷感桜 白平盃ペアセット』

    日本超人氣丸モ高木陶器製作的冷感櫻花白平盃杯組! 在現在櫻花盛開的季節,更見它之特別。 這款白平盃採用了特殊技術加工,只要把倒低於17度以下冷飲倒進杯中,便會綻放出粉嫩燦爛的櫻花!在家裏也可以賞櫻了!


    • 物料: 玻璃
    • 每set一對(2隻)
    • 尺寸: φ90mm × H34mm
    • 容量: 70cc


    這個酒杯套裝限量生產,在日本的訂單清單也很長。不過我們有現貨!收到訂單後 1個工作天內可寄出。