Refund policy


The Product may only be returned if there is any of the following reasons. The shipping fees for the returning product shall be prone by Our Company. The member shall apply for product return within a day of product arrival and the request is approved by Our Company in order to return a product. The product must be in unused condition and in the original packing as it delivered.

  •  there is a defect in a product.
  • A product has been distorted, damaged, or stained due to an accident during delivery.
  • A product delivered to the Member is different from the Member’s order due to Our Company’s fault. (This does not include if the product is different from the Member’s subjective wishes or expectations)

If any defect or damage appears after long-term storage at the shipper due to any reason caused by the Member (e.g. absence on delivery date), Our Company will not bear any responsibility.

If there is an unacceptable or serious problem with the quality of the product, please take photos of the appearance of the product in question and keep it properly, and keep at least 95% of the original volume of the product and the product invoice, and send an email to WhatsApp or Call us on 5681 0910 and we will process returns/refunds or exchanges as soon as possible.

If you have any comments or complaints about our staff or delivery staff, please email to, or call the customer service hotline 56810910 to contact the customer service department to follow up.

In case of any disputes, JP Good Food will reserve the final decision.

產品只有在有以下任何一種原因的情況下才能退貨。 退回產品的運費由我司承擔。 會員應在產品到貨之日起申請退貨,並經本公司同意後方可退貨。 產品必須處於未使用狀態,並且在交付時處於原始包裝中。

  • 產品存在缺陷。
  • 產品在運送過程中因意外而變形、損壞或弄髒。
  • 由於我公司的過錯,交付給會員的產品與會員的訂單不同。(這不包括產品是否與會員的主觀願望或期望不同)

2. 如因會員原因(如交貨期未到)在寄件人處長期存放後出現任何瑕疵或損壞,本公司概不承擔任何責任。


如商品品質等出現不能被接受或嚴重問題,敬請將有問題商品的外觀拍照作証及將其保存妥善,並需保留該商品原有體積的最少95%及商品發票,並盡快以WhatsApp 或致電 5681 0910通知我們,我們將會盡快處理退貨/退款或換貨等事宜。


如有任何爭議,JP Good Food 將會保留最終之決定權 。